Fred. HIV/AIDS Caregiver, Zambia Mirriam. Master Wheelbuilder, Ghana Bharati. Future Leader, India Carlos. Pedal-powered Engineer, Guatemala Sharkey. Volunteer Bike Mechanic, United States



Volunteer Bike Mechanic

Bici Centro

Santa Barbara, CA


Santa Barbara, California is a city with two faces. One is the idyllic beachside retreat that has earned the title of “American Riviera.” The other is a town divided by socio-economic, ethnic, and gang-controlled borders. Sharkey grew up in the latter. In his struggle to escape the gang lifestyle that consumes many of his peers, Sharkey came upon Bici Centro, a community-run bike shop that caters to all of Santa Barbara’s diverse cycling communities – from the migrant day-laborers to the eco-concious commuters to the shave-legged racers. Sharkey now volunteers at Bici as a bike mechanics instructor, teaching Santa Barbarians from all walks of life how to keep their two wheels rolling.

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