Fred. HIV/AIDS Caregiver, Zambia Mirriam. Master Wheelbuilder, Ghana Bharati. Future Leader, India Carlos. Pedal-powered Engineer, Guatemala Sharkey. Volunteer Bike Mechanic, United States



Pedal Power Engineer


San Andres Itzapa, Guatemala



In the rush to rebuild after Guatemala’s brutal civil war, farmers in San Andres Itzapa were left at the wayside. In order to empower his fellow farmers and reduce the air pollution that now prevents them from working for much of the day, Carlos helped found Maya Pedal, an organization dedicated to creating low-cost, low-impact mechanized tools to assist rural farmers. Their inventions: the bicimaquinas – pedal powered water pumps, corn grinders, coffee de-pulpers, and whatever else Carlos can dream of – are all crafted from old bicycles that were collecting dust in garages across the United States.

Note: As of 2013, Carlos now runs BiciTec, his own organization dedicated to spreading the power of the bicimaquina around the world.

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