Jacob Seigel-Boettner. Producer, Co-Director Isaac Seigel-Boettner. Co-Director Ian Wexler. Director of Photography Ken Urbina. Score Avery Medjuck. Sound Mixing Brian Dohn. Text Graphics

Avery Medjuck

Sound Mixing

Though he lives in New York City, Avery has not succumbed to the urge to buy a fixed gear and carry a messenger bag. Though he will not be traveling with the crew, Avery will help with the score, editing, and final sound mixing during post-production back in the United States. An accomplished musician, sound engineer, and producer, he recently received a BA in Cinema Studies from New York University.


First Steed: A black Nishiki. One Sexy Machine

Current Stable: A steel singlespeed of unknown origin. Terrible custom pain-job. Claims to be an Independent Fabrications but is definitely not.

Favorite Movie: The Rules of the Game